Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process which will enable you to make informed decisions about your money, we start with a discussion about what is important to you and look to how we can work towards these goals.

We will figure out what your priorities are and to make decisions to help secure your money now and in the future.

Pensions and Retirement Planning

It is important more than ever to have some sort of plan to start paying into a pension and working out what you want or are aiming for in terms of retirement income. Most of us put off saving for retirement due to other immediate commitments however the sooner you start paying into a pension the higher your retirement income is likely to be. With the state pension unlikely to be able to give a good standard of living in retirement and the decline of good quality final salary pension schemes, it is important that you will need another source of retirement income. 


It is highly likely that a mortgage is going to be the biggest financial commitment you will make, there with the large amount of mortgages available, many people shop around themselves and go straight in for the cheapest headline rate they can find. However a good quality mortgage advisor can complete research and take into account things like, booking and arrangement fees, early repayment charges which means they will find the perfect mortgage for you to meet your specific needs. We are independent so are not tied to any particular lender meaning that a mortgage will be implemented to suit your requirements.

We advise on all types of mortgages from residential, buy to let, buy to lets through company purchase, commercial, overseas and Ex pat mortgages.

Equity Release

There are two main types of equity release, a lifetime mortgage and home reversion plan, the more commonly used Lifetime Mortgage, is where equity is released from a clients property in exchange for a lump sum, there are many different scenarios that these can be used and are becoming a lot more common place due to the lower interest rates of the products and more well known lenders are entering the marketplace which is giving potential clients more confidence. For more information on the Equity Release advice process click here.


Putting a little bit of money away in either an investment or savings product can drastically improve the overall wealth of a client long term, making it easier to afford those expensive purchases throughout life. A good investment or savings product helps your money work for you constantly, investments and savings products can rise as well as fall, but there are a wide range of products out there that can be used to cater for every clients risk appetite.