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LG Embrey independent financial advisers.

As independent financial advisers in Shrewsbury, we are invested in your future. Be that managing wealth, reducing your risk or providing a helping hand for your financial affairs. LG Embrey is committed to impartial financial planning and investment advice that benefits you & your family. Since 2010, we’ve been the long-term financial partner for loyal clients throughout Shropshire and beyond.

To discuss your financial planning needs call 01743 382002 or fill in the contact form below.

Image of happy couple now they have piece of mind they found a reliable financial adviser in Shrewsbury

Our financial services.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for financial planning. Our service is personal to you. You may need one-off advice on a particular topic such as your retirement, or a comprehensive plan for your overall finances with ongoing support.

Your finances; in safe hands.

LG Embrey are independent financial advisers based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire under pi financial ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered address: Morfe House, Belle Vue Road, Shrewsbury, SY3 7LU, Company number 3556277, FCA 186419.

What’s the difference between a financial adviser, financial advisor and financial planner?

Adviser, advisor or planner; essentially they all mean the same thing. They’re used to explain the process of wealth management and financial advice given by a professional financial adviser. At LG Embrey we’re all about the personal touch, we genuinely care about getting you the best deal. We offer independent mortgage advice in Shrewsbury, estate planning, investment advice and equity release in Shrewsbury, throughout Shropshire and across the UK.

As an independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury, our advice is not tied to the products of a financial institution. Instead, we find you the best possible across the whole marketplace. So you can be assured that the financial advice given is completely impartial.

Image of happy couple now they have piece of mind they found a reliable IFA in Shrewsbury

Praise for LG Embrey financial planning.

“LG Embrey have been our financial adviser for many years now and my wife and I can’t fault their service and expertise. They offers professional, unbiased advice and guidance on a wide range of financial issues and investment opportunities.”

– David Shepherd

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More about independent financial advisers in Shrewsbury.

Is it Necessary to Form a Plan with a Financial Advisor Shrewsbury?2021-06-08T11:43:22+00:00

People with a plan are much more likely to achieve their objectives. This is because it helps people focus on the tasks required to achieve the objective and to identify the obstacles that need to be overcome. Your finances determine a lot of your choices in life, so achieving your financial goals is clearly very important. With the aid of an expert Financial Advisor in Shrewsbury, you stand the best chance.

What Will a Plan Look Like with a Financial Advisor in Shrewsbury?2021-06-08T11:43:55+00:00

Every financial plan is unique and created around your needs. Typically, our financial advisors in Shrewsbury focus on your most pressing and important needs first. In terms of the scope of what is covered, we have developed a unique financial planning process that covers a number of key areas:

● Goal Planning
● Financial Forecasting
● Financial Organisation & Budgeting
● Emergency Funds
● Financial Protection
● Tax Planning
● Saving & Investment Planning
● Retirement Planning
● Debt Management
● Inheritance Planning
● Family Financial Planning

Do I Need a Financial Advisor Shrewsbury to Implement my Asset Allocation?2021-06-08T11:44:24+00:00

Within the industry, we know that the failure rate of this type of arrangement is a lot higher than one may think (Approximately 80%). Through our years of vast experience, our financial advisors in Shrewsbury have shifted our approach on this topic and believe that working collaboratively is key to success.

What Type of Client Would LG Embrey Like to Work With?2021-06-08T11:44:48+00:00

Finding the right fit for your financial planning needs is absolutely critical, and finding the right fit for client relationships is essential for us as well. Our ideal client is fun to work with and we are interested in you as a person, both personally and professionally, allowing us to get a better understanding of you and how we can help.

Our ideal client understands that the reason that they are coming to us in the first place is that they are not an expert and want to work with financial advisors in Shrewsbury to develop and implement a thorough financial plan. We also know the importance of having ongoing rebalancing and monitoring of these investments.

Do Financial Advisors Shrewsbury Form a Plan?2021-06-08T11:45:11+00:00

Financial planning looks at a person’s overall financial picture. Our financial advisors Shrewsbury will often ask a prospective client to participate in an extensive questionnaire to understand his or her financial needs and goals.

Our financial advisors Shrewsbury will usually put together a detailed, short-term 5-year plan designed to improve the client’s overall financial position. That may be followed by a long-term plan, along with suggestions about how to save and invest for retirement and a child’s college education (where applicable) at the same time.

Financial advisors Shrewbury will also look at ways to reduce current and future tax liabilities and protect assets by having the proper life, health, disability and long-term care insurance coverage in place. Finally, our financial advisors Shrewbury will also make suggestions from a real estate perspective.

Why Should I Hire a Financial Planner to Manage My Money?2021-06-08T11:45:49+00:00

Our financial advisors Shrewsbury will be able to connect all of the financial dots to provide you with an overall plan to meet your financial goals. Our financial advisors Shrewsbury have training and experience in various kinds of financial products and financial aspects of your life – equities, bonds, insurance, taxes, and estate planning – to make the right recommendations for your personal situation. A financial advisor Shrewsbury can also save you thousands in tax deductions and find higher-yielding investment products at little or no extra risk.

What is an Independent Financial Advisor?2021-06-10T13:12:49+00:00

An independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury, Shropshire is a professional person who offers independent advice on financial matters. The advice that is given to clients is based on the independent financial adviser research that will be carried out and also a full review of the current financial market.

Typically an independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury will conduct a detailed survey of a client’s financial position, preferences and objectives; this is sometimes known as a fact find. The independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury will then recommend appropriate action to meet the client’s objectives, and if necessary recommend a suitable financial product to match the client’s needs. An independent financial adviser will always make sure that the plan is suitable for the client based on their personal circumstances.

An independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury will also advise both individuals and businesses. They may be consulted for such matters as investment, insurance, retirement planning, protection and mortgages (or other loans). Independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury also can advise on some tax and legal matters.

How Do I Find an Independent Financial Advisor in Shrewsbury?2021-06-10T13:13:06+00:00

We first recommend checking out an independent financial advisor in your local area, enter independent financial advisor in Shrewsbury, Shropshire as see who comes up.

Before choosing an independent financial advisor in Shrewsbury, we always recommend arranging a short meeting with them, see if they would be a good fit for you. When meeting the independent financial advisor, we advise you to take financial information with you.

You can take savings, mortgage and insurance paperwork as well. Before attending the meeting, make sure you know what you want and what your goals are.

The last bit of advice we would give is to ask a lot of questions, do your research and know what you want to achieve. If you are looking for an independent financial advisor in Shrewsbury, then why not give us a call today?

What are the Benefits of Getting Independent Financial Advice?2021-06-10T13:13:26+00:00

If you choose to buy an investment product based on financial advice and a recommendation, you should get a product that meets your needs and is suitable for your particular circumstances.

Depending on the type of adviser you use, you might also have access to a wider range of choices than you’d be able to assess realistically on your own.

You also have more protection if things go wrong if you buy based on advice. For example, protection would be given where unsuitable advice was given, or your adviser is found to have not acted in your best interests. Similarly, non-advised investors would also be protected if they were misled or mis-sold a product.

Types of Financial Advisers2021-06-10T13:13:36+00:00

Our independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury offers services ranging from general financial planning and investment advice to more specialist advice, such as the suitability of a particular product such as a pension.

In the case of investment products, some advisers are ‘independent’ meaning they offer advice on the full range of investment products from the market or a specific market segment (e.g. pensions), while others offer a ‘restricted’ service meaning that the range of products or providers they will look at is limited.

If you have any more questions about the types of Independent financial advisers in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, then get in contact with us today.

Why Financial Planning is Important?2021-06-10T13:13:49+00:00

The financial planning service we offer helps you pinpoint the most important things to you in life. With our financial planning service, we can help you identify and achieve your desired lifestyle by implementing a plan on how you can get there.

Using our cash flow modelling forecasts we can look at your current financial situation and then your desired income in retirement and this modelling will help us put in a realistic plan in place.

Here is a list of common things that are most important to our clients are:

  • To spend your time how you want
  • Reassurance and security of financial independence and have a destiny in your own hands
  • To have time to travel and visit different parts of the UK or the rest of the world
  • To be your own boss and the freedom that comes with this

But there can be many more reasons than this and it’s good to think about the things that are most important to you. Take some time and speak to us with some ideas and goals that you want to achieve.

Once we have got a good idea of your objectives and the things that are important to you, we’ll look at any potential stumbling blocks that could get in the way that might stop you from achieving your long term financial plan. Our independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury, Shropshire will work closely with you annually to help you achieve your goals, we feel this is important as even the best plans can be disrupted by everyday life, and this is a chance to see if the financial plan is on track.

What do Independent Financial Advisers in Shrewsbury, Shropshire Do?2021-06-10T13:14:05+00:00

It is the role of the independent financial adviser in Shrewsbury to carry out a detailed analysis of your financial situation. We may ask you questions about:

  • Your circumstances?
  • What you hope to achieve and how?
  • How much risk you are able and prepared to take with your investment.

After speaking to you and better understanding your financial situation, we would recommend financial products that are suitable and affordable for you.

Arrange a personal consultation.

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