Involving a mortgage advisor early on in the application process maximises our opportunities to help you, and allows you to reduce the risk of frustration, disappointment, and rejection while searching for a mortgage. In short, the earlier you contact a mortgage advisor, the better!

We’ll help you to understand what you can afford, so the information we give will ultimately dictate the price range of properties you can look to buy. If you’ve already got your heart set on a new home before speaking to an advisor, there is every possibility that you may have overestimated what you can afford, rendering your choices unsuitable. This can be deeply demoralising and frustrating, not to mention a waste of your time.

And it’s not just your price range that we advise on. We’ll also offer a more comprehensive understanding of the other costs involved in the application process: things like mortgage account fees, arrangement fees, booking fees, legal fees, local authority fees, and more.

Speaking to a mortgage advisor in Shrewsbury early in the process is recommended for the best experience and results. Contact us today or at your next earliest convenience for professional advice.